Sales Partner Aftersales

Elevating Service Excellence

At Sales Partner Automotive, we redefine aftersales experiences with our comprehensive Aftersales solution. It covers the entire customer journey, from the first touchpoint on your website, portal, chat, or phone to booking a service appointment, answering price queries, and ensuring customer satisfaction after vehicle delivery.

In the constantly changing automotive industry, Sales Partner Dealership Sales provides the adaptability you need to succeed. Our solution enables you to configure any sales process to meet your unique scenarios and requirements, including car types, brand specifications, and legislative constraints.

We go beyond the ordinary by automating procedures to comply with essential regulations such as GDPR, E-invoice, and VAT rates. All information is securely stored and seamlessly integrated with third-party tools, ensuring that all stakeholders – including producers, legal entities, and auditors – have a complete understanding of the transaction.

Seamless Customer Reception, Every Step of the Way

Discover Our Exceptional Features for
Your Service Organization

Our Aftersales solution offers a wide range of cutting-edge features that aim to enhance the performance of your service company. 
Here’s what you can expect:

Modern Interface for Any User Preference

Enjoy a modern and easy-to-use interface that can be tailored to suit any user’s preferences, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for everyone.

Workshop Flows Connected to Modern Commerce Feature

Connect your workshop flows to modern cart systems, enable secure payments, and integrate other e-commerce features to streamline the entire service process.

API-Based, Secured, and 100% Integrable

Ensure a smooth flow of information within your company and with your clients. Our Aftersales solution is built on an API-based architecture that prioritizes security and offers seamless integration with any other solution.

Real-Time Analytics Powered by AI

Gain valuable insights into your aftersales operations with real-time analytics, courtesy of Artificial Intelligence. Make informed decisions to enhance business results and customer satisfaction.

Custom Document Creation and Process Customization

Personalize your documents and processes to align with your unique requirements. These features allow you to create a workflow that matches your service organization’s needs.

Premium Support at User Level

Benefit from premium support at the user level to ensure that your team receives personalized assistance for a productive and smooth experience with our Aftersales solution.

Ready to Elevate Your Aftersales Experience

Transform your aftersales operations into a model of efficiency and offer the highest level of customer satisfaction with Sales Partner Aftersales. Schedule a demonstration today and discover the future of service excellence.