Sales Partner Enterprise System

Sales Partner Enterprise System is a versatile, API-based solution that securely connects with any third-party application. It works like an efficient bridge for organizations involved in vehicle pre-sales and after-sales cycles, providing comprehensive support to various industries, such as leasing, rent-a-car, electric vehicle charging facilities, spare parts distribution, and more.
Sales Partner Enterprise System goes far beyond the conventional automotive territory. While it excels in everyday operational efficiency, its core connectivity capabilities extend to various scenarios. It can efficiently handle leasing calculations and aggregate showroom data from different systems such as producers, logistics, spare parts databases, car evaluators, statistics, governmental entities, or any IoT devices. It is made to deliver the next-generation vehicle ownership experience.


Main Features

Vehicle Data Structure and Analytics:

Centralizes tracing of the entire operational process, from initial inquiry to end-of-life, and consolidates all essential data in one accessible location.

Vehicle, Sales, and After-sales Advanced Calculator:

Robust calculators streamline processes to provide valuable insights and facilitate efficient decision-making.

Carbon Footprint and Recycling Traceability (in development):

Ongoing developments include features to track and manage carbon footprint and recycling efforts to contribute to environmental sustainability.

API-Based System Integration:

Seamlessly integrates various entities within the automotive ecosystem, including producers, transporters, dealers, service providers, leasing companies, and importers.

Vehicle Real-Time Data Capture:

The system securely captures real-time data from vehicles to offer organizations access to up-to-the-minute information for better decision-making.

Sales Partner Enterprise System is a dynamic tool created to revolutionize operations for leasing companies, rent-a-car businesses, electric vehicle charging facilities, spare parts distributors, and many other players in the automotive sector.

Experience a new era of connectivity and efficiency.